Minimize your overhead by letting VersaNode handle your online client interaction.

Website, support tickets, forum, shop, testimonials, portfolio and much more.


VersaNode is your "versatile node" on the internet. A central point where your clients, friends or community members can interact with you. It's flexible, affordable and values your privacy.

When managing your business, community or personal projects, do you often feel like a wizard, magically spreading your daily energy between client interaction, administration and actually getting you work done? You know, the things it's actually all about?

We know what you're talking about, because we've been there. The key to gain back control of your life and get to business comes down to 1 word: integration.


There are tons of subscription services on the internet: web presence and content management (CMS), customer relations (CRM), e-commerce, forums and blogs, knowledge base, mail campaigns, etc.

Each of them is a silo, with its own subscription fee, login and user interface.

Managing and somehow connecting these disparate services to suit your needs can be a nightmare. Both you and your visitors have to deal with inconsistencies and separate logins. Because each of these services are highly specialized, you pay for many features you don't use, all adding up to a sizable monthly fee, yet with suboptimal results and a lackluster user experience.


VersaNode takes a different approach, putting you at the center, and providing you with a growing set of applications that all work together. It's a horizontal approach, where vertical silos are replaces with horizontal integration.

While it's definitely true that each of the VersaNode apps on its own is not as full features as competing specialized "silo" services offered by others, it's also true that such advanced features are rarely needed, and usually only complicate matters.

The foundation of VersaNode is your data - owned by you - and used by a rich set of web applications that are flexible and customizable. We provide all the basic ones, like content management, online shop, forums, support tickets, appointments, mailings, etc. but any of your custom needs can be catered for by yourself or 3rd parties.


To be able to provide an integrated experience across apps, we needed a suitable way to store your data. It was the inventor of the Worldwide Web himself - Sir Tim Berners-Lee - who came up with a solution to this, in the form of Linked Data.

VersaNode stores each and every bit of your data in what we call "your personal informational locker". It is YOUR data and you fully own and control it. For most functionality, we provide a free tier, but beyond that, a subscription fee applies. This is how we make money and can continue development of new apps. It also means we have no need, not interest in selling your data, like some of the dominating companies on the web operate. We value and protect your privacy.

At any time you can request to access your data and take it with you. No questions asked.


We're a small and ambitious team, and what we've done so far is to build a framework based on the Linked Data principle to make the above mentioned horizontal integration happen.

There's a reason nobody has approached the web in such a way, where the semantic linked data structure is used for real-time applications. It's a huge challenge, but we believe we did it. We now have all the underlying data definition and processing functionality in place, and can render live apps in a browser. We can scale this technology to any level required.

Thanks to the framework we built, we can create the apps we mentioned in a very reasonable time, and we already have a few in development. To get started, and also to showcase the capability to integrate custom functionality, we partnered with the team behind DeepMeta to release a Portfolio app as first VersaNode application. See the section below for the details.


There's a good chance you came to this page because you're an early user of the DeepMeta Portfolio project.

DeepMeta is popular software for portfolio management, used by photographers, illustrators and videographers of iStockPhoto and Getty Images microstock companies. Early 2020, the team behind DeepMeta asked us to become the first 3rd-party user of VersaNode.

In a record time, they were able to use our platform to provide their users a free portfolio site, showcasing their portfolios and providing some background info on their own photography business. These portfolios attract extra customers, which are then routed to the Getty Images and iStockphoto sites for licensing. The project is currently in early beta phase. More info on this project soon at the DeepMeta website.